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Before the lights went down at Madison Square Garden, 50 fans were given hand-held Hi-8 cameras and told to record their experience of being at a Beastie Boys concert in the band's hometown. The man behind many of their innovative music videos, director Nathaniel Hornblower (aka MCA, aka Adam Yauch), then edited the best footage from the night with his signature creative imprint into a musical experience that takes you right into the world of Mike D, Ad Rock and MCA. Also features Money Mark, Doug E. Fresh and Mix Master Mike.

 Draining the Wineskin

it is with great pleasure that i sit here in switzerland at my typewriter and share with you my thoughts about all that is good on god’s green earth. soon we will be together and we can share good cheer and spirits and sing like small children at pasture (in a wholesome way of course).

may i begin by taking this opportunity to apologize for the title of the film. i hate the devil as much as anyone. i am a good god-fearing soul, and have only called the film this way to tempt him to come out, so that i may slay him down right in front of you. the devil is bad and we, my friends, are good! so fear not, we shall prevail.

now, as for the film itself, all of it is good, all that is, except the part where a man pees. that part is slightly offensive. although peeing is normal, peeing in a film is not nice, so it might make some people uncomfortable. if it makes you uncomfortable that is good. but there may be some that enjoy that part of the film; those people are inside the axis of evil and must be exorcised. so think of it as a test. if after seeing the film, you recall that sequence of shots and laugh, please contact me and I will have you dealt with good and proper.

anyway, i am really happy to be spending time with you. let's go up to the top of the mountain, just you and me, and drain a wineskin. we can put some crazy hallucinogens in my pipe and get wrecked, and then ski down and watch some weird foreign flick that doesn't have a swiss distributor yet. then maybe we'll contact a distributor and put in a good word. the film will get released and later we can tell people that we had a hand in it. we'll feel great, and have done a good deed. does that sound like a plan? i miss you.