What do you do when a gang of Japanese criminals invades your city and you need a crime fighter trained by authentic martial arts masters of Japan to deal with them? Have no fear! The Samurai Cop is coming! The magnitude of this cinematic gem cannot be defined. It has it all. A Japanese/Mexican crime lord with a mullet? Check. A guy who dies four different times because they didn't know enough people who wanted to be in this movie? Check. Random nurse scene? Check. Even more random clips of a cop's facial responses to the nurse's comments about the size of Samurai Cop's "sword"? Yes, it's got that too. Writer/director Amir Shervan's 1989 cult hit Samurai Cop—very much of the "so bad it's good" variety—has been newly restored from the original 35mm negative. If you enjoy films that provide unintentional humor, Samurai Cop is for you!


Amir Shervan


Robert Z'Dar, Matt Hannon, Jannis Farley, Mark Frazer, Melissa Moore, Krista Lane, Gerald Okamura, Joselito Rescober, Dale Cummings

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Run Time:

1hr 36mins

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