The Gits chronicles the tragic story of one of the most influential bands to emerge from the Seattle music underground. With an innovative sound that coupled hardcore punk with heartfelt blues, The Gits were poised to break into the mainstream, but they would never achieve the success of contemporaries Nirvana or Pearl Jam because on July 7, 1993 singer Mia Zapata was found murdered—the apparent victim of a rape/homicide. It was a crime unsolved when director Kerri O’Kane began shooting her debut feature. In the interim, however, fans, friends and celebrities like Joan Jett and Nirvana helped raise money to reopen what had become a cold case file. Mia’s death had reverberated throughout the music community, and unprecedentedly Mia’s killer was brought to justice as the cameras rolled. Official Web Site


Kerri O’Kane

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1hr 30mins

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Screening Monday, July 7, 2008
at 8:00pm at these Landmark Theatres,
followed by a Q&A with select band members!

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San Francisco, CA:
Embarcadero Center Cinema
Seattle, WA: Metro Cinemas