The mother of all contemporary camp classics, this celluloid travesty about naked Las Vegas dancers stars a deliriously over-the-top Elizabeth Berkley, who (almost literally) claws her way to the top, high-stepping on Gina Gershon and anyone else in her way. Blame it on the doggie chow! Written by Joe Eszterhas and directed by Paul Verhoeven (both of Basic Instinct infamy). Buy a soda and show your friends what you can do with an ice cube!

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Cast: Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan, Gina Gershon, Glenn Plummer, Robert Davi, Alan Rachins, Gina Ravera, Lin Tucci, Greg Travis. Al Ruscio, Patrick Bristow, William Shockley, Michelle Johnston

MPAA Rating: NC-17

Run Time: 2hrs 11mins

Release Year: 1995

Country Of Origin: United States