In this brilliant suspense thriller from Alfred Hitchcock, James Stewart and Doris Day (in a rare dramatic role) play Ben and Jo MacKenna, innocent Americans vacationing in Morocco with their son, Hank (Christopher Olsen). After a French spy dies in Ben's arms in the Marrakech market, the couple discovers their son has been kidnapped and taken to England. Not knowing who they can trust, the MacKennas are caught up in a nightmare of international espionage, assassinations and terror. Soon, all of their lives hang in the balance as they draw closer to the truth and a chilling climactic moment in London's famous Royal Albert Hall. A remake of his excellent 1934 film of the same name, Hitchcock considered this version to be superior to the original. The now classic "Que Sera, Sera," used in the climactic scene, won the Academy Award for Best Song.


Alfred Hitchcock


James Stewart, Doris Day, Brenda de Banzie, Bernard Miles, Ralph Truman, Daniel Gélin, Mogens Wieth, Alan Mowbray, Hillary Brooke, Christopher Olsen, Reggie Nalder, Richard Wattis, Noel Willman, Alix Talton, Yves Brainville, Carolyn Jones

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