Christian (Wes Ramsey), a hunky, 20-something, West Hollywood party boy gets more than he bargains for when he tries to seduce 19-year-old Elder Aaron Davis (Steve Sandvoss), a sexually confused Mormon missionary. When Christian exposes Davis' secret sexual desire, Davis rejects Christian for being shallow and empty, yet the encounter draws the two into a passionate romance. The charming, sexy, and moving directorial debut of screenwriter C. Jay Cox (Sweet Home Alabama). Official Web Site

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Writer/director C. Jay Cox talks about growing up Mormon and his love of movies

Director: C. Jay Cox

Cast: Steve Sandvoss, Wes Ramsey, Rebekah Jordan, Amber Benson, Khary Payton, Jacqueline Bisset, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rob McElhenney, David Poser, Erik Palladino, Mary Kay Place, Jim Ortlieb

MPAA Rating: NR

Run Time: 1hr 48mins

Release Year: 2003

Country Of Origin: USA