Nick Broomfield first told the story of the world's first female serial killer in Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer. Aileen's lawyer, her born again Christian mother and the Florida state police all tried to sell her story to the highest bidder. Convicted of murdering seven men, Aileen ironically emerged as the most honest person in the film. She makes an unforgettable impression in Broomfield's raw, compassionate follow-up. He reveals the lack of any societal support for Aileen, and his frustration with Florida officials anxious to execute her in spite of her ravaged mental health. Co-directed by Joan Churchill. (Aileen's story is dramatized in the feature film Monster.) Official Web Site

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Co-director Nick Broomfield on the circle of violence in Aileen's life

Directors: Nick Broomfield & Joan Churchill

MPAA Rating: NR

Run Time: 1hr 27mins

Release Year: 2003

Country Of Origin: UK/USA