Pierre Brossard (Michael Caine) was a Nazi executioner under the Vichy regime. Never brought to trial, he lives peacefully and anonymously, sheltered for years by right-wing elements within the Catholic Church. When a new investigation into his crimes is launched, Brossard becomes the target of both hit men and the police. A cunning old man, he keeps outwitting his pursuers while desperately trying to figure out who they are. Tilda Swinton, Charlotte Rampling, Alan Bates and Jeremy Northam co-star. Based on the novel by Brian Moore and directed by Norman Jewison. Official Web Site

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Director Norman Jewison on shooting many of his films on location in Europe

Director: Norman Jewison

Cast: Michael Caine, Tilda Swinton, Charlotte Rampling, Alan Bates, Jeremy Northam, Ciarán Hinds, John Neville, Matt Craven, Edward Petherbridge

MPAA Rating: R

Run Time: 2hrs

Release Year: 2003

Country Of Origin: Canada/France/UK