Ann (Sarah Polley) is 23, a mother of two, and lives in a trailer with her unemployed husband (Scott Speedman). Her life changes completely upon learning she has cancer and only two months to live. Keeping her condition a secret even from her husband, Ann makes preparations for her family's life without her. When Ann meets and seduces a charismatic loner (Mark Ruffalo), she discovers a desire to live her last days with a passionate intensity she has never known. Also stars Debbie Harry and Alfred Molina. Official Web Site

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Writer/director Isabel Coixet lays bare the anxiety and excitement of the film shoot

Director: Isabel Coixet

Cast: Sarah Polley, Scott Speedman, Deborah Harry, Mark Ruffalo, Leonor Watling, Amanda Plummer, Julian Richings, Maria de Medeiros, Jessica Amlee, Kenya Jo Kennedy, Alfred Molina, Sonja Bennett

MPAA Rating: R

Run Time: 1hr 42mins

Release Year: 2002

Country Of Origin: Spain/Canada