Crime novelist Dan Dark (Robert Downey Jr.) languishes in his hospital bed, mapping out a screenplay in his head about a cynical private investigator who doubles as a singer in a dance band. Heavily medicated, the border between reality and fiction blurs in Dark's mind as the P.I. is slowly drawn into a web of intrigue during a murder investigation in 1950s Los Angeles. Robin Wright Penn, Katie Holmes, Jeremy Northam, Adrien Brody and Mel Gibson co-star. Screenplay by Dennis Potter, adapted from his BBC television series. Directed by Keith Gordon (Waking the Dead). Official Web Site

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Director Keith Gordon on Dennis Potter's screenplay adaptation of his 1980s BBC series

Director: Keith Gordon

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Robin Wright Penn, Mel Gibson, Jeremy Northam, Katie Holmes, Adrien Brody, Jon Polito, Carla Gugino, Saul Rubinek, Alfre Woodard

MPAA Rating: NR

Run Time: 1hr 49mins

Release Year: 2003

Country Of Origin: USA