Return with us now to those long-gone days of cheesy 1950s monster movies with this affectionate, completely straight-faced re-creation of those beloved clunkers, shot on location in fabled Bronson Canyon in glorious black-and-white, and scored entirely with ancient library music. The hilariously convoluted plot features two dim scientists (one noble, one evil), a ditzy housewife, a pair of clueless aliens, an alluring cat-woman, a three-eyed mutant, and of course the Lost Skeleton himself-all in heated pursuit of "that rarest of all radioactive elements, atmosphereum." As writer/director/star Larry Blamire wryly puts it, "it's not just a spoof of B-movies—it is a B-movie." Official Web Site

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Writer/director Larry Blamire shares his affection for sci-fi/horror films of the 1950s

Director: Larry Blamire

Cast: Fay Masterson, Andrew Parks, Susan McConnell, Brian Howe, Jennifer Blaire, Larry Blamire, Dan Conroy, Robert Deveau, Darren Reed

MPAA Rating: PG

Run Time: 1hr 29mins

Release Year: 2004

Country Of Origin: USA