When you rely on a new car, the latest exercise equipment, and a child's doll to provide comfort and protection from life's hard realities, where do you turn when the safety of objects fail? Over the course of four days, four families will open up and lean on one another, sharing their burdens and joys, and help each other remember it is the people we know and love—not the objects we own—that provide real hope and security to face whatever life throws at us. Glenn Close, Patricia Clarkson, Robert Klein, Moira Kelly, Dermot Mulroney, Mary Kay Place, Jessica Campbell and Timothy Olyphant are featured among the ensemble cast. Directed by Rose Troche (Go Fish). Official Web Site

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Author A.M. Homes on the origin of her collection of short stories, The Safety of Objects

Director: Rose Troche

Cast: Glenn Close, Dermot Mulroney, Jessica Campbell, Patricia Clarkson, Joshua Jackson, Moira Kelly, Robert Klein, Timothy Olyphant, Mary Kay Place, Kristen Stewart, Alex House, Haylee Wanstall, Stephanie Mills

MPAA Rating: R

Run Time: 2hrs

Release Year: 2001

Country Of Origin: USA/UK