A young woman in New York City (played by the late model, actress, musician and screenwriter Zoë Lund), whose beauty draws the aggressive attention of men, is intensely shy and mute—physically unable to speak. One evening while walking home, she is assaulted at gunpoint and brutally raped by two thugs. Her enormous fears, which had driven her inward before, now push her to an outward course of action. After killing one of her assailants, she cuts his body into pieces and disposes of the parts, one by one, at various spots in Manhattan. She carries her dead assailant's .45 automatic, initially for protection, but ultimately for unrelenting revenge against all males. Now uncut and remastered in HD, Ms. 45 is a frightful thriller from director Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant, King of New York). Official Web Site


Abel Ferrara


Zoë Lund, S. Edward Singer, Jack Thibeau, Peter Yellen, Darlene Stuto, Helen McGara, Nike Zachmanoglou, Editta Sherman, Albert Sinkys, Jimmy Laine

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1hr 20mins

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