Gripping and tender, yet bleakly funny, Magpie stars Craig Russell as a negligent father who makes an unwelcome appearance at his young son's funeral, where he drunkenly steals the coffin. With his estranged wife (Daisy Aitkens) in tow, he has one last chance to connect with his family. This new, dramatic take on the classic road film genre was shot on location in London, Cornwall and writer/director Marc Price's native Swansea without a script. Instead, working in the manner of Mike Leigh, Price opted to workshop scenes with the actors based on a carefully designed structure. What follows is a journey with no destination, just a desperate desire not to return. Official Web Site


Marc Price


Daisy Aitkens, Craig Russell, Phil Deguara, Alastair Kirton, Les Kenny-Green, Carina Wan, Richard Corgan, Veronica Aitkens, David Day, Alicia Gray

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1hr 17mins

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