Two demons—slinging sex, drugs and chaos—attack the lives of a struggling San Francisco couple. In writer/director JP Allen's dark, seductive comedy, a man is shocked to find a demon smoking a cigarette in the living room of his apartment. The demon claims he can help the man save his relationship that has recently spun out of control. Soon, as the man's girlfriend jogs alongside the ocean, a beautiful second demon appears, urging her to abandon the relationship. The two demons, now on a collision course, weave temptation, drugs and violence into a thrill ride that will either save or destroy the couple—or maybe do both. Filmed in spectacular locations in and around San Francisco and Mount Tamalpais, this demonic romance stars Chris Pflueger and Lucia Frangione, with JP Allen and Arnica Skulstad Brown as their demons, and features music by Rossana Fiero, John Dole and SHOULDERS. Official Web Site


JP Allen


Chris Pflueger, Lucia Frangione, JP Allen, Arnica Skulstad Brown

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1hr 24mins

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