This poignant crime thriller, set in New York City in 1991, is based on an amazing true story. Small-time crooks Tommy (Michael Pitt, Seven Psychopaths) and Rosie (Tony Award-winner Nina Arianda) have two things in common: a crazy, passionate love for one another and—after they're caught robbing a florist on Valentine's Day—prison records. They embark on an audacious series of successful holdups of Mafia social clubs, with Tommy wielding an Uzi and Rosie driving the beat-up getaway car, drawing the attention of crime-family head Big Al (Andy Garcia, Ocean’s Twelve). During one of their heists, they stumble upon a Mafia secret so closely guarded that rank-and-file mobsters don't even know of its existence. To the Feds, it's the smoking gun they've been looking for—a key to dismantling New York's already-faltering crime syndicate once and for all. For Tommy and Rosie, caught between the law and a mob contract, the future depends on who gets to them first. Directed by Raymond De Felitta (City Island). Official Web Site


Raymond De Felitta


Michael Pitt, Andy Garcia, Nina Arianda, Ray Romano, Griffin Dunne, Muchael Rispoli, Val Vazquez, Frank Whaley, Burt Young

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1hr 44mins

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