Muse – Live at Rome Olympic Stadium, filmed on July 6, 2013 using the latest 4K camera technology, captures the momentous evening in the Italian capital and showcases the most extravagant set built and spectacular stage show of any Muse tour to date. The three school friends from Devon, England, create a mesmerizing journey for the sold out crowd of over 60,000 using pyrotechnics, expansive digital screens and a troupe of actors. Their epic playlist of 20 tracks, mixed in incredible surround sound, includes hits from their recent studio album The 2nd Law, and classics such as "Uprising," "Supermassive Black Hole," "Time Is Running Out," "Starlight" and "Plug-In Baby." Muse – Live at Rome Olympic Stadium gives the audience an unrivalled opportunity to experience the full visual spectrum of the show, including jaw-dropping shots of the Stadio Olimpico, views from 'spider' cameras darting above the surging crowd, and on stage close-ups that expose the trio's musical mastery and showmanship. When the credits roll and the rapturous applause and shouts of "encore" fade away, loosen your grip on the arm rest and slowly come back to your senses realizing that you've just experienced Muse like never before. Official Web Site

Screening Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 7:00pm!

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ATLANTA, GA: Wed, November 6 at the Midtown Art Cinema

DALLAS, TX: Wed, November 6 at the The Magnolia

HOUSTON, TX: Wed, November 6 at the River Oaks Theatre

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Wed, November 6 at the Lagoon Cinema

NEW YORK, NY: Wed, November 6 at the Sunshine Cinema

SAN DIEGO, CA: Wed, November 6 at the Hillcrest Cinemas

ST. LOUIS, MO: Wed, November 6 at the Tivoli Theatre

WASHINGTON, DC: Wed, November 6 at the E Street Cinema


Matt Askem


Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard, Chris Wolstenholme

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1hr 35mins

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