In the resonant drama The Pin, a universal story of the human spirit, an embittered elderly Shomer (David Fox), a religious watchman responsible for guarding the souls of the dead before their burial, comes face-­to-­face with his long lost first love Leah (Milda Gecaite) when her dead body is wheeled into the morgue one fateful night. Time melts as he relives their days and nights spent hiding in a barn in Lithuania, fighting for survival as World War II rages around them. Brought together in these extreme circumstances, what starts as mistrust develops into love, marriage and ultimately murder. In the end, the Shomer is able to find peace after a lifetime of regret by fulfilling a promise he made to the young Leah on their last night together. Filmed predominantly in Yiddish, The Pin is written and directed by Naomi Jaye. (Fully subtitled) Official Web Site


Naomi Jaye


David Fox, Milda Gecaite, Grisha Pasternak, Paskal Vaklev

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1hr 23mins

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