Step inside the famed Royal Opera House and experience the world's finest opera! The Royal Opera House Live Cinema Season gets off to a dramatic start with the return of Puccini's musically sublime final opera Turandot—a tale of disguised identities, riddles, ritual executions and powerful, triumphant love. Princess Turandot of China has sworn an oath that no man will possess her. However, she offers her suitors a chance: if one of them can answer correctly the three riddles which she asks him, he can marry her. If not, he must die. Andrei Serban's production of this dark Oriental fairytale is spectacular, with Sally Jacobs's magnificent sets and elaborate masks, and costumes inspired by traditional Chinese theatre. One of the greatest Turandot singers today, Lise Lindstrom, makes her Royal Opera debut, with Marco Berti, a wonderful Puccinian singer, in the role of Prince Calaf. Official Web Site

Screening Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 11:00am!
(Except where noted)

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ATLANTA, GA: Sun, November 3 at the Midtown Art Cinema

BALTIMORE, MD: Sun, November 3 at the Harbor East

BOSTON, MA: Sun, November 3 at the Kendall Square Cinema

CHICAGO, IL: Sun, November 3
   at Landmark's Renaissance Place Cinema

DALLAS, TX: Sun, November 3 at The Magnolia

DETROIT, MI: Sun, November 3 at the Main Art Theatre

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Sun, November 3 at the Keystone Art Cinema

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Sun, November 3 at the Edina Cinema

NEW YORK, NY: Sun, November 3 at the Sunshine Cinema

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Sun, November 3 at the Ritz Five

SAN DIEGO, CA: Sun, November 3 at the Hillcrest Cinemas

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Sun, November 3 at 1:00pm
    at the Clay Theatre

SEATTLE, WA: Sun, November 3 at the Guild 45th Theatre

ST. LOUIS, MO: Sun, November 3 at noon at the Tivoli Theatre

WASHINGTON, DC: Sun, November 3 at the Bethesda Row Cinema


Andrei Serban


Lise Lindstrom, Eri Nakamura, Marco Berti, Dionysios Sourbis, Alasdair Elliott, David Butt Philip, Raymond Aceto, Douglas Jones

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3hrs (with intermissions)

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