Ahlo, a young boy who is believed to bring bad luck and is blamed for a string of disasters, joins a couple of ragged misfits for a journey through Laos to find a new home. In a last plea to prove he's not cursed, he builds a giant explosive rocket to enter the most lucrative but dangerous competition of the year: the Rocket Festival. Gripping yet heart-warming, The Rocket is a deeply personal story about the determination of a boy who has the odds stacked against him, set against the epic backdrop of a war-ravaged country on the brink of huge change. With colorful real rituals and festivities, the film offers a unique view into a world never seen on film before. Features extraordinary performances by former street kid Sitthiphon Disamoe (as Ahlo) and veteran actor/comedian Thep Phongam as Purple, a devoted James Brown fan who becomes the boy's mentor. Australia's official submission for Best Foreign Language Film consideration. Written and directed by Kim Mordaunt. (Fully subtitled) Official Web Site

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Filmmaker Kim Mordaunt on finding stories of courage and survival in Laos


Kim Mordaunt


Sitthiphon Disamoe, Thep Phongam, Loungnam Kaosainam, Bunsri Yindi, Alice Keohavong, Sumrit Warin

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1hr 36mins

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