In the international suspense thriller Closed Circuit, a high-profile terrorism case unexpectedly binds together two ex-lovers on the defense team—testing the limits of their loyalties and placing their lives in jeopardy. After a busy London market is decimated by an explosion, only one member of the suspected terrorist cell survives: Farroukh Erdogan (Denis Moschitto), who is arrested and jailed. Preparations begin for what promises to be the trial of the century. But there's a hitch: the government will use classified evidence to prosecute Erdogan—evidence so secret that neither he nor his lawyers can be allowed to see it. Government-approved defense attorneys Claudia Simmons-Howe (Rebecca Hall) and Martin Rose (Eric Bana) are put on the case. Tenacious, driven and brilliant, they also happen to be ex-lovers. The two lawyers make an uncomfortable pact to keep their former affair hidden, but as Martin begins to piece the case together, the outlines of a sinister conspiracy emerge, one that will draw him and Claudia dangerously close again. Official Web Site

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Screenwriter Steven Knight reveals why his film is both topical and timeless


John Crowley


Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Ciarán Hinds, Riz Ahmed, Anne-Marie Duff, Kenneth Cranham, Denis Moschitto, Julia Stiles, Jim Broadbent

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1hr 36mins

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