In his first lead role after decades of playing supporting characters, James Cromwell (The Artist, L.A. Confidential) gives a tour de force performance in Still Mine, an exquisitely crafted and deeply affecting love story about a couple in their twilight years. Based on true events and laced with wry humor, Still Mine tells the heartfelt tale of independent farmer Craig Morrison (Cromwell), who sets out to build a more suitable house for his ailing wife Irene (Geneviève Bujold). Although Craig is using the same methods his shipbuilder father had taught him, times have changed. He quickly gets on the wrong side of an overzealous building inspector who finds just about everything unacceptable, including the unstamped wood Craig has milled from his own trees. As Irene becomes increasingly ill—and amidst a series of stop-work orders—Craig races to finish the house. Hauled into court and facing jail, Craig defies the system to take a final stand for individual freedom and independence. Official Web Site

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Filmmaker Michael McGowan on his collaboration with his leading man

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A discussion with stars Geneviève Bujold and James Cromwell. Recorded July 12, 2013 at The Landmark in West L.A.
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Michael McGowan


James Cromwell, Geneviève Bujold, Rick Roberts, Julie Stewart, Campbell Scott, Jonathan Potts

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1hr 42mins

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