In 1991, an entire country watched transfixed as a poised, beautiful African-American woman in a blue dress sat before a Senate committee of 14 white men and with a clear, unwavering voice recounted the repeated acts of sexual harassment she had endured while working with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. That October day Anita Hill, a bookish law professor from Oklahoma, was thrust onto the world stage and instantly became a celebrated, hated, venerated and divisive figure. Anita Hill's graphic testimony was a turning point for gender equality in the U.S. and ignited a political firestorm about sexual misconduct and power in the workplace that still resonates today. Against a backdrop of sex, politics and race, Anita reveals the intimate story of a woman who spoke truth to power. Directed by Academy Award-winner Freida Mock (Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision), the film is both a celebration of Anita Hill's legacy and a rare glimpse into her private life with friends and family. Anita Hill courageously speaks openly and intimately for the first time about her experiences that led her to testify before the Senate, the obstacles she faced in simply telling the truth, and what happened to her life and work in the 22 years since. Official Web Site

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Director Freida Mock discusses how her film resonates with today's audiences


Freida Mock

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