The documentary Genius on Hold is the true "David and Goliath" story of Walter L. Shaw, an engineer who, almost half a century ago, invented the technology that transformed the rudimentary telephone system of the early 1900s into the foundation of today's cutting-edge global telecommunications industry. Shaw's visionary genius should have enabled him to achieve the "American Dream," but he was thwarted by a monopoly-controlled telecommunications company that made sure his revolutionary inventions never saw the light of day. When Shaw invented the infamous "black box," his son Walter T. Shaw became exposed to the world of organized crime, creating a ripple effect that would damage their family for generations to come. Walter L. Shaw's quiet revolution against the Bell Companies helped bring down the telephone monopoly and release the stranglehold it had on American telecommunications for almost 100 years. However, recognition for Shaw's achievements still eludes him, while his inventions of the speakerphone, conference calling, call forwarding, touch tone dialing and voice print recognition are now used by billions of people around the world every day. Narrated by Frank Langella. Official Web Site

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Gregory Marquette


Frank Langella (narrator)

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