You don't have to be a foodie to thoroughly enjoy Spinning Plates, a fascinating documentary about three extraordinary restaurants and the incredible people who make them what they are. These amazing restaurants and their stirring stories include an upscale, cutting-edge restaurant in Chicago named the seventh-best in the world, whose chef must battle a life-threatening obstacle to pursue his passion; a 150-year-old family restaurant in Balltown, Iowa that's still standing only because of the unbreakable bond with its community; and a fledgling Mexican restaurant in Tucson, Arizona whose owners are risking everything just to survive and provide for their young daughter. These unforgettable stories of family, legacy, passion and survival come together to reveal how meaningful food can be, and the power it has to connect us to one another. It's a celebration of the art and passion of nurturing people, not just feeding them. Written and directed by Joseph Levy. Official Web Site

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Filmmaker Joseph Levy on his love affair with food and its preparation


Joseph Levy

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