Simon Russell Beale takes the title role in a live production of Shakespeare's Timon of Athens, a strange fable of consumption, debt and ruin, written in collaboration with Thomas Middleton and recorded earlier in 2012 on the National Theatre Live stage. Wealthy friend to the rich and powerful, patron of the arts, ostentatious host, Timon of Athens is surrounded by free-loaders and sycophants. He vastly outspends his resources but, finding his coffers empty, reassures his loyal steward that all will be well. When he calls upon his associates, instead of offering help, they hang him out to dry. After a final, vengeful banquet, Timon withdraws to a literal and emotional wasteland, living off roots and pouring curses on a morally bankrupt Athens. Official Web Site


Nicholas Hytner


Martin Chamberlain, Jason Cheater, Stavros Demetraki, Paul Dodds, Deborah Findlay, Ciaran McMenamin, Simon Russell Beale, Nick Sampson

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