In Globe on Screen's live production of William Shakespeare's comedy All's Well That Ends Well, filmed earlier in 2012, Helena loves the arrogant Bertram. She cures the King of France of his sickness, and claims Bertram as her reward. But her brand new husband, flying from Helena to join the wars, attaches two obstructive conditions to their marriage—conditions he is sure will never be met. By turns romantic and comic, some of Shakespeare's most inventive language gives life to a single-minded heroine, her churlish lover and a fantastic cast of frauds, cynics, sentimentalists and buffoons. Globe on Screen presents classic works in an imaginative, skillful and accessible style that honors Shakespeare and his fellow playwrights' language and intentions, in a reconstruction of the house that Shakespeare built, while projecting their work through a 21st-century lens. Official Web Site


John Dove

Cast (in alphabetical order):

Michael Bertenshaw, Sam Cox, Sam Crane, Naomi Cranston, John Cummins, Janie Dee, Ben Deery, Mary Doherty, Sophie Duval, Will Featherstone, James Garnon, Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Colin Hurley, Ellie Piercy

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Run Time:

2hrs 18mins

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