Legendary French actress Isabelle Huppert (The Piano Teacher, White Material) stars in the first English-language film from South Korean master Hong Sang-soo, "the love child Antonioni and Hou Hsiao-hsien never had" (Village Voice). In a triptych of overlapping stories, three different French women named Anne appear, and each woman consecutively visits the seaside town of Mohang. The first Anne is a successful film director. The second Anne is a married woman secretly in an affair with a Korean man. The third Anne is a divorcée whose husband left her for a Korean woman. All of them are played by Huppert. While in Mohang the women encounter a flirtatious director, a lovestruck lifeguard and far too much soju (Korean vodka). Hong's latest tale(s) of love, lust and misunderstanding, In Another Country is an effortless, intelligently amusing comedy that plays like a lost French New Wave classic. Official Web Site


Hong Sang-soo


Isabelle Huppert, Yu Junsang, Jung Yumi, Youn Yuhjang, Kwon Hyehyo, Moon Sori

MPAA Rating:


Run Time:

1hr 29mins

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Country Of Origin:

South Korea