This amazing, riveting, not-to-be-missed documentary was filmed in 24 hours at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA, where uninsured patients needing medical attention come to the ER of the nearly-overwhelmed hospital and wait to be seen. 241 patients in 24 hours. Dramatic, funny and infuriating, the film shows, with unusually candid access, the inner workings of an ER close to the breaking point. We see not only the doctors and nurses, but also the feisty head receptionist (a real gem) in charge of keeping order in the waiting room, and backoffice staff trying to schedule the overloaded examination rooms and beds—and of course the wide variety of patients and their families—scared, angry, philosophical, caring, dignified. This spotlight on what's wrong with the American health care system is sure to provoke debate, yet its portrait of the dedicated efforts of the extraordinary caregivers trying to treat their patients humanely and competently under the most difficult of circumstances is also profoundly inspiring. Winner of both the Audience and Jury Prizes for Best Documentary at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Directed by Peter Nicks. Official Web Site


Peter Nicks

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1hr 23mins

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