Based on true events, Compliance tells the chilling story of just how far one might go to obey a figure of authority. On a particularly busy day at a suburban fast food joint, high-strung manager Sandra (Ann Dowd) receives a phone call from a police officer saying that an employee, a pretty young blonde named Becky (Dreama Walker) has stolen money from a customer. Convinced she's only doing what's right, Sandra commences the investigation, following step-by-step instructions from the caller at the other end of the line, no matter how invasive they become. As we watch, we ask ourselves two questions: "Why doesn't she just say no?" and the more troubling, "Am I certain I wouldn't do the same?" Writer/director Craig Zobel (Great World of Sound) recounts this riveting nightmare in which the line between legality and reason is hauntingly blurred. The cast delivers startlingly authentic performances that make the appalling events unfolding onscreen all the more difficult to watch—but impossible to turn away from. Delving into the complex psychology of this real-life story, Compliance proves that sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Official Web Site


Craig Zobel


Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, Pat Healy, Phillip Ettinger, Ashlie Atkinson, Nikiya Mathis, Ralph Rodrigues, Stephen Payne, Bill Camp, Amelia Fowler, James McCaffrey, Desmin Borges

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1hr 30mins

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