Directed by Dominic Cooke and recorded live earlier in 2012, Shakespeare's furiously paced play The Comedy of Errors is staged in a contemporary world into which walk three prohibited foreigners who see everything for the first time. Two sets of twins separated at birth collide in the same city without meeting for one crazy day, as multiple mistaken identities lead to confusion on a grand scale. And for no one more so than Antipholus of Syracuse (Lenny Henry) and his servant Dromio (Lucian Msamati) who, in search of their brothers, arrive in a land entirely foreign to their distant home. A buzzing metropolis, to the outsiders it appears a place of wonderment and terror, where baffling gifts and unexplained hostilities abound. Meanwhile, Aegeon, father to the Antipholus twins, has been captured searching for his sons and, as an illegal immigrant, is sentenced to death at sunset. Consistently recognised by strangers, the visitors question their very selves as the turmoil escalates. Official Web Site


Dominic Cooke

Cast (in alphabetical order):

Paul Bentall, Claudie Blakley, Lenny Henry, Chris Jarman, Lucian Msamati, Jude Owusu, Daniel Poyser, Amit Shah, Michelle Terry, Grace Thurgood

MPAA Rating:


Run Time:

2hrs 30mins

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