As a result of the Chinese government's one-child policy instituted in 1979, hundreds of thousands of babies were abandoned, mostly girls. Somewhere Between tells the intimate stories of four Chinese girls who are born to families who are unable to keep them. Instead of being raised by their biological parents the baby girls are given to orphanages and eventually adopted by American families. They grow up with "Sesame Street," hip-hop and Twitter. They describe themselves as "bananas"—white on the inside and yellow on the outside. All is well, until they hit their teen years, when their past pulls at them, and they start to wonder, "Who am I?" Documentaries have been made before about international adoption, but have always been from the point of view of the adoptive, Caucasian parents or the adult adoptee. Young minority girls' voices are rarely heard. Somewhere Between lets four girls tell their own stories, from their point of view. We gain access to their deepest thoughts—about their families, their feelings of being an "other," and their powerful connections to a past that most of them cannot recall. Directed by Linda Goldstein Knowlton. Official Web Site

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Director Linda Goldstein Knowlton on belonging and identity


Linda Goldstein Knowlton

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1hr 28mins

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